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PPU Circulars

You can download the PPU Circulars documents in English Language from the following table. 

Document Code Description Format Download
PPU/C001/1386 Article 13 of Procurement Law (2005) - Preparation of Procurement Plan by Procuring Entities Download
PPU/C002/1386 Clarification on Procedure for Open Tender for procurement of Goods, Works & Non-Consultancy Services under the Procurement Law. Download
PPU/C003/1386 Establishment of Contract Management Office (CMO) in MoF Download
PPU/C004/1386 Procurement Approval by Special Procurement Commission Download
PPU/C005/1386 Rules of Procedure for Public Procurement in Afghanistan Download
PPU/C006/1386 Constitution of Evaluation Committee – Rule 65 and 94 of the “Rules of Procedure for Public Procurement” Download
PPU/C007/1386 Role of Procurement Policy Unit (PPU) Download
PPU/C008/1386 Procedure for submission of Award Recommendations for approval by Special Procurement Commission (SPC) Download
PPU/C009/1386 Submission of information to the Special Procurement Commission (SPC) and seeking clearance before proceeding with the evaluation if the number of bids / proposals received is insufficient (less than three) Download
PPU/C010/1386 Referring high-value procurement to Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development Services – Procurement Unit (ARDS-PU) for procurement facilitation and support Download
PPU/C011/1386 Procurement Committee for Provincial Offices of Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. Download
PPU/C012/1386 Public notice of a contract award Download
PPU/C013/1386 Publication of Announcement Download
PPU/C014/1387 Procedure for Receipt of Bids Download
PPU/C015/1386 Glossary of Public Procurement Download
PPU/C016/1387 Standard Bidding Documents for Procurement of Goods Download
PPU/C017/1387 Enactment of Procurement Law: Upward Revision of Threshold Limits for First Grade Award Authority Download
PPU/C018/1387 Article 11 of procurement Law 2008 (Article 13 of Procurement Law, 2005) – Preparation of Procurement Plan by Procuring Entities and Articles 8 and 9 of Rules of Procedure for Public Procurement Download
PPU/C019/1387 Standard Request for Quotations for Works and Goods Download
PPU/C020/1387 Procedure for Issue and Sale of Bidding Documents Download
PPU/C021/1387 Placement of Procurement Controllers with the Line Ministries to facilitate high value procurements, provide procurement advice to Procurement Committee and Award Authorities and facilitate monitoring and reporting Download
PPU/C022/1387 Interim Procurement Arrangements Download

Observations made by procurement controllers and the advice of procurement policy unit (PPU), Minitry of Finance,


Dissemination of SBDs for Goods & small works


Procurement Capacity Certification  

  Attachement to Circular # 25 - Capacity Certification Form Download

Issue of aligned SRFQ to PPL 2008 (as amended in January)

PPU/C027/1388 Issuance of Rules of Procedure Download  
PPU/C028/1388 Manual of Procedures for Procurement Appeal & Review Download
PPU/C029/1388 SRFP Documents for Consultancy Services Download
PPU/C030/1388 Prequalification Documents for Procurement of Works Download
PPU/C031/1389 The Role of Procurement Controllers of PPU in line Ministries Download
PPU/C032/1389 Draft and Dissemination of Revised Procurement Plan and Procurement Monitoring Forms by Procurement Policy Unit in Accordance With Provision of Article 6 of Procurement Law Download
PPU/C033/1389 Amendment of Circular PPU/C025/1388 on Procurement Capacity Certification Download
PPU/C034/1389 Delegation of Threshold Authority on Awarding Contracts to Secondary Units of the Relevant Departments Download
PPU/C035/1389 Regarding to the decision No 31 of cabinet approval of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Download
PPU/C036/1389 Issuance of Standard Bidding Documents for Large works Download
PPU/C037/1389 Application of Liquidated Damages on the Contracts of Goods and Works Download
PPU/C038/1390 Presence of PPU Representative in the recruitment process of key procurement personnel in the Line Ministries and Procuring Entities Download
PPU/C039/1390 Final Implementation of Procurement Management Information System (PMIS) Download
PPU/C046/1391 Role of Procurement Policy Unit (Amendment of Circular PPU/007/1386) Download
PPU/C050/1391 SBD for Procurement of Non Consultancy Services Download